Courses & Workshops

I strongly believe that when we understand how our amazing body is functioning, and how everything is connected, we become more motivated to take BETTER care of it, so it can function at its best, for as long as possible, which means BETTER YOU – BETTER LIFE. All the courses are independent from each other. You can do one, or all, the order does not matter. You decide.

Saturday October 7, at YG Studios Lijnbaan, Rotterdam

Release tension and affect how sensations move from your body to your brain. Free yourself from muscle knots to promote better blood flow in targeted areas.

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Sunday October 29 - registration open!

You have so much more control over your wellbeing than you might think as you're going through the transition of menopause, which often starts in our early 40s. In this workshop you will learn about (peri-)menopause in order to create strategies and know what to do. 

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Starts on Tuesday Nov 14 - registration open!

Why is it that we are so tired, and low in energy (all) the time? Is this how it's suppose to be?! You will learn about the 3 pillars responsible for your energy, how they impact your energy levels and what you can do to boost them, and with that increase your energy. 

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Planned for January 2024

Calling all (office) bodies - this course is especially for all of you starting to feel your body 'complain' a bit here or there. Understand your physical body, the habitual patterns you have, and how they might cause you (chronic) pain. 

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Planned for March 2024

Digestive issues are so much more common than we think. Good news is that there are lot of things we can do ourselves to improve the situation. In this course you will learn how your digestive system works, and why it is such an important area of your wellbeing and health.  

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Planned for fall 2024

Why do we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping? Is that really necessary?! What does actually happen when we sleep? Is it possible to take power-naps during the day and reduce the hours you sleep, to be more efficient? 

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