8 simple ways to sleep better

1. Daylight

Make sure to get daylight every day. Getting out in the daylight early on in the day help you to wake up & ‘adjust’ your internal clock.

2. Caffeine & nicotine

Be a bit restrictive with ‘stimulating substances’ such as caffeine and nicotine towards the later part of the day.

3. Dim lamps

A couple of hours before bedtime start dimming the lamps and choose slower and softer activities to begin to wind down.

4. Time before bed

Create enough time before going to bed to reflect, to plan and when needed also to worry, so that bedtime is not the only moment of the day slowing down and ‘reflecting on life’.

5. Physical activity

Being physically active during the day shortens the time to fall asleep and make the deep-sleep longer.

6. Avoid late work-out

Working out late in the evening is often counterproductive as it works ‘stimulating’ on the body & mind, which makes falling asleep harder.

7. Environment

Make sure your bedroom is dark, cooler in temperature, and quiet in order to have the best sleep possible.

8. Naps

Be restrictive with how you nap during the day. Mind how long naps you take and also how late in the afternoon/evening you do it, as this might decrease the need for a full night sleep.

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These tips are freely translated from a Swedish article by sleep researchers on how to sleep better.