Your body is designed to feel good, and it has a remarkable ability to self-repair when given the opportunity. My work is to help you understand how your body and brain function, and how come you feel the way you do, in the life you live. 

Often it starts by recognising the impact your daily choices and habits have on your health & wellbeing. 

I want to empower you to better care for yourself using effective tools and techniques, providing you with enough knowledge to make informed choices, adopt healthy behaviors, and take ownership of your health. 

You can make a remarkable difference in your physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing, prevent illnesses, and cultivate resilience to stress by starting to incorporate small, sustainable lifestyle improvements into your daily routines.

I want to put you (back) in control of your health & wellbeing.

Sounds good? Let’s see how we best make that happen; through corporate workshops, online courses or with private sessions.


a yoga therapist, yoga teacher & registered nurse back home in Sweden.

With a background as a nurse, and more than 15 years in the corporate world I radically changed my career path in 2015.

Although all information here on the webpage is in English, and that is my main language for work, I of course still work in Swedish

About Camilla

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

Feedback from clients

“Thank you, it was a very inspiring workshop, and you motivated me to move my body.” -Barbara

“I LOVE my private yoga sessions, because this is one hour just for me. Camilla gives me her undivided attention and cares for my mind and body. It is an hour of total relaxation and at the same time, my tense and rigid body slowly but surely loosens up and softens. After trying many other approaches, this is my ideal solution for lower back pain and stress!” -Bjorna 

“During the sessions we had really good talks about how body and mind are connected, and how your body can be hurting because of emotional weight that you carry around, It was very good for me to talk about some things that I was carrying around emotionally, and to talk about my bodily issues, without any judgement, in a very safe space.” -Carolien