How to live longer

“It is the smallest steps that gives the biggest difference.”

When I worked as a nurse back home in Sweden, I was often frustrated that we did not work with, and focus on the ‘whole’ person. That we saw just ‘a patient’, with an illness/issue/disease. We did not focus on health. Instead it was focus on the patient not being sick, or simply less sick. 

Once the patient was less sick, and could go back home, the patient went back to living life the same way, nothing had changed. Sometimes the patient was prescribed a medication, but no other changes were ‘prescribed’. This often meant that patients kept coming back, often for the same reason. 

As most of you know I didn’t continue working as a nurse. In the traditional healthcare-system we have a tendency to focus mainly on the ‘risk factors’. And that way of working did not suit me. 

I want to focus on the HEALTH FACTORS instead. What is it that we already do that is good, and how can we do more of that, or which other areas might be worth focusing on to improve and support our health. 

I find it so fascinating the impact our lifestyle has on our wellbeing, our health and even how long we might live. More and more research show that small things done consistently are hugely beneficial and can even extend the length of our life. This is where our lifestyle comes in. What we do in our day-to-day life. 

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”


How are you doing?

Chances are that you are already doing a lot of good things. Take a moment to reflect over these topics for a little inventory and reality-check:

  • What are three of your healthy habits? What is it with them that make them healthy in your opinion?
  • Do you move regularly during your day, or do you mostly sit still the whole day?
  • Do you make sleep a priority, making sure to get enough hours of shuteye, or do you get through your day with the help of coffee/energy drinks? 
  • Do you have energy left after work to do things you enjoy doing, or are you ‘only’ working? 
  • Do you take your time to eat your meals, or do you often eat ‘on the go’?
  • Mentally can you let go of worries and troubling thoughts, or do you ruminate over the same things for long?
  • Do you hold on to tension and stiffness in your body to the point you are often experiencing pain, or can you soften and let go?

Look at what already works
Continue doing that!

Where do you want to make a change, an improvement?
Start there, start small, and start today! 

Add more of the good stuff 
In a manageable way
Be consistent 
So you can keep at it, day after day

A lot of these things are familiar, we know it’s good for us.
But we might not always know why, and how it impacts us.
Or we might not see how one thing relates, and affects another. 

Finally I’m figuring out how my background as a nurse can be useful
I help my clients to see the BIGGER PICTURE
How what they are doing is affecting their body & brain
And explain, simplify, what the brain & body need to work better
To feel better basically 

Clients come to me when they’ve decided to start making some changes
They come to me for support, and to get started
To get tools to continue working on their own
Most lifestyle clients I see for about 4-8 sessions over a period of 2-4 months 

Curious how we can work to improve your lifestyle?

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