How to live longer

“It is the smallest steps that gives the biggest difference.”

When I worked as a nurse back home in Sweden, I was often frustrated that we did not work with, and focus on the ‘whole’ person. That we saw just ‘a patient’, with an illness/issue/disease. We did not focus on health. Instead it was focus on the patient not being sick, or simply less sick. 

Once the patient was less sick, and could go back home, the patient went back to living life the same way, nothing had changed. Sometimes the patient was prescribed a medication, but no other changes were ‘prescribed’. This often meant that patients kept coming back, often for the same reason. 

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Estrogen is your feel-good hormone

When the supply becomes irregular (in our early 40s) we can feel, well, less good… Luckily, there is lots and lots you can do to feel better.

“I see menopause as the start of the next fabulous phase of life as a woman.”

Have you started experiencing symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles, night-sweats, brain fog, dryer skin, pain in your joints, sleep issues, weight gain, or simply feeling more moody and emotional? If you are somewhere between age 35-55 then chances are that this is related to your transition into menopause. 

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