General conditions Retreats in the Netherlands

To be able to book, the traveler must declare to have read the general conditions and to agree to this
The minimum age for participation in this retreat is 18 years

Only when the full amount is received you have reserved your spot.

If the agreement is cancelled by the traveler, 'Bonnicel Yoga' will not do any refund. In the case you cancel and you can find someone else who attends the retreat instead of you, this can be arranged. 'Bonnicel Yoga' is not responible for the replacement itself. 
'Bonnicel Yoga' does not offer a discount for shortened participation (later arrival, earlier departure) in the retreat

'Bonnicel Yoga' is not liable for injuries / illnesses sustained by the traveler during the retreat and / or the journey from / to the retreat. The traveler is responsible for his / her physical well-being
'Bonnicel Yoga' is not liable for damage and / or loss to / of personal property during the retreat
'Bonnicel Yoga' is not liable for unusual or unpredictable events; including strikes, terrorism, natural disasters, accidents by third parties, technical problems with accommodation, fire, theft, flooding and weather conditions. In the case of one / more of the above, refunds and compensations are not possible
'Bonnicel Yoga' has the right to pass on any costs to the traveler if the traveler is responsible for damage and / or loss to the accommodation / property.
'Bonnicel Yoga' expects the traveler to treat the accommodation / property with respect and to leave it neatly at the end of the weekend
Standard cleaning costs are included in the price. 'Bonnicel Yoga' has the right to pass on any additional cleaning costs to the guest if the owner of the accommodation is not satisfied with the condition in which the accommodation was left by the traveler
It is not allowed to smoke inside. Smoking outside is permitted, provided that other travelers are not bothered by this and ashes and others are cleaned up by the traveler