Ahimsa: Nonviolence

To build the foundation of Ahimsa means pretty much to work on finding our courage, and using that courage to face our fears of the unknown of, and in, life.

As we know, courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to be afraid without being paralyzed. Courage is found by facing our fears – the small ones, the fat ones, the embarrassing ones, and the really big, scary ones. Cause, if we keep ourselves safe, how will our courage grow?

As our courage grows we can use that courage to create balance in our lives. To live a balanced life means to sometimes lose balance, and to realize that balance is not something we one day all of a sudden find, but that it is something we create. We create it by identifying was is essential to us, and that we, with the use of courage then build as much as possible of our life around those things essential to us, working on eliminating things not so essential to us.

Balance comes from listening to the guidance and wisdom of the inner voice. To be in tune with ourselves, we must get quiet and listen and then heed this inner voice.

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How To Live Well

For the last couple of weeks I´ve been theming around the five Yamas, part of the ethical “guidelines” in the yogic tradition. We are beginning to approach the end of this 5-week series and it felt like a good thing to summarize and begin to “wrap-it-up”.

But let me take a few steps back first, and tell you just a tiny bit more about this thing about the Yamas (and the Niyamas), which is considered to be part of the 8-folded path of yoga that you might have heard of before (or not).

The Yamas & Niyamas can be thought of as “shortcuts”. Shortcuts to realization so that you don´t have to make the same mistakes all over again. But rather learn from your “mistakes” and gain greater skill on how to live your one, precious life.

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