Yoga is not about having a flexible body,
it’s about having a flexible mind.

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Why private yoga sessions:
  • to modify, to work with/around injuries, pain or similar
  • to find alignment suitable for your unique body
  • get tools to create (and maintain) optimal posture
  • learn how to establish (or deepen) your practice
  • to reduce stress and find ways to create more energy

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How I work (good to know):

In each private session I use my background as a nurse to keep you safe. Your safety is always my main priority. I work in a therapeutic way in all my sessions. If/when you are in pain we work around that pain. To read more about me and my background CLICK HERE

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Two options (to work with me)

The Flexible is a monthly package. We meet once per month for a one-on-one session, you get 3 videos (targeted towards your needs) per month, and a weekly check-in chat with me to see how things are going, and also holding you accountable towards the goals you have set for yourself.

The Traditional suits you who wants (and/or needs) more ‘hands-on’ adjustments and instructions. Here we work together in one-on-one sessions adapting each session to where you are and what you need.

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The beginning (free of charge)

Before deciding to work together we set up a phone call (15-30 min) to see what you are interested in working with & why. This call is a way to make sure that we are a good fit for each other & for making sure that I can be of help to you.

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How to get started:

– For more information about the different packages & what might be the best option for you

– To set up date & time for the first chat (free of charge) to see if we are a good match for each other & that I feel I can be of help to you (or recommend you to a colleague of mine)

To book & get started when you know what you want

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Camilla is a dedicated (private) teacher, perfectly adjusting to what you need as a person. She was a great help for figuring out how I could continue to do yoga with my injury. Her background as a nurse was very useful. We looked at my body’s capacities and what needed adjusting in order to be pain-free in my yoga practice. We got creative with blocks and adjusting poses, but most of all she taught me to stop pushing myself in poses and listen to my body. Camilla is definitely a good one to turn to when you struggle with injuries and want to keep practicing in a responsible manner!

Camilla is a down-to-earth yoga teacher. She is knowledgeable and performs yoga in a light-hearted way with humour. On the other side she is calm and with gentle touches to correct poses, she shows her spiritual side of yoga and genuine interest to help you relax. She gives us private lessons and pays a lot of attention to adapt the lesson to your body. And to perform your postures even better so that your body relaxes even better and your ‘complaints’ are better treated.
– Sandra B