Online Yin – practical

Be on time
As usual I begin & end on time. I connect about 10 min before the session begins. 

What to wear
Dress comfortably and make sure you won’t be cold. Socks and a long sleeve is often a good idea. A blanket (and a pillow) is a nice addition for savasana. 

Props for class
A yoga mat is helpful but not necessary. Any kind of carpeted surface will do. Always have a rolled-up shower towel/firm blanket ready to use as a prop. If you need more I will mention that in that week’s email. Icing on the cake is an eye pillow, or something to cover your eyes with at the end of class. 

Even though we are not in the same room, I still do my best to keep my eyes on you during the practice to keep you safe and maybe offer a suggestion on how to modify the pose. It is helpful to make sure to angle your screen so I can see you when you are on your mat. You do not need to adjust the screen during the class. 

During class
You who’ve practiced with me before know that I don’t always ‘practice along with you’. When teaching online I show how to come into the pose, and maybe a variation or such. Then I slowly come out of the pose, while you stay. This is so that I can guide you in the pose and practice. Don’t worry too much about doing it ‘the right way’. Trust yourself and your body. And know that any amount of the pose, is still the pose!!

Suggested adjustments
During the practice, while you hold the pose, I might call out your name to ask if you feel it in the ‘target area’. No need for you to come out of the pose/lift your head/make eye contact or similar. Simply give me a thumbs up/down. I might suggest a slight adjustment for you in the pose. Hopefully it feels good, if not, feel free to come back to how you were… 

No pain
As always, avoid pain. Yin yoga is not always comfy. Often we experience discomfort in the pose (physical and/or mental). Discomfort is fine. If it borders into pain, then adjust yourself in the pose to feel it less intense. And always, always feel free to come out earlier of the pose. 

Tell me before class (email/zoom chat) if you are pregnant, or if you have any injuries or such that will affect your practice. I always prioritize you being safe in the practice so I want to know what I need to work around. 

If possible practice in a quiet room without distractions such as other screens/TV or people. Tell your partner/kids/flatmates to preferably not disturb you. As much as possible shut off your phone (as you would in a normal class). That way you can fully immerse yourself into this hour of you-time. 

Speaking quiet… maybe you don’t want it too quiet… Feel free to have music on in the background. I suggest something peaceful that will enhance your relaxation. If you are on Spotify I have a number of yin playlists. My username is ‘Camilla Bonnicel Yoga’