Employee wellbeing workshops / talks


Build Your Resilience: Redefine, Recharge & Rebound

Stress-related ill health is an increasingly common problem in the workplace today. Equip with practical strategies and techniques to recognise and dial down stress, and to how to recover.

Individuals who are resilient are better able to deal with stress, adapt to change, work with greater focus and build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients.

•	Understand the stress-response and how it affects brain and body
•	Identify common stress triggers
•	Learn to detect the early signs of stress
•	Practical stress management techniques
•	How thoughts and beliefs shape stress responses
•	The impact of lifestyle choices on stress levels
•	Strategies for managing work-related stress
•	Long-term stress management & resilience-building


Stand In Your Power: Unlock Confidence and Vitality

The benefits of good posture extend far beyond mere aesthetics. Proper alignment of the spine, joints, and muscles not only reduces the risk of chronic pain, but also enhances physical performance, boosts energy levels, and promotes the efficient functioning of vital bodily systems. 

In a world dominated by sedentary lifestyles and technology, maintaining good posture has become an increasingly important and overlooked aspect of our wellbeing. 

•	Optimal posture for overall, and long-term, health and wellbeing
•	The relationship between poor posture and pain
•	Assess posture to identify imbalances or misalignments
•	Align body to optimize breathing, circulation & digestion
•	Exploring the mind-body connection 
•	Utilise the body language 
•	Working positions that works
•	Practical techniques, exercises and stretches 


Elevate Your Energy: Harness the Energy Potential

Energy refers to the cognitive resources we use to think, reason, concentrate, and make decisions. It is the fuel that drives our mental processes and allows us to effectively manage our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

In a fast-paced world filled with numerous demands and constant distractions, maintaining optimal energy is crucial for personal wellbeing and success. 

•	Understand the concept of energy and its impact on cognitive abilities
•	Identify and overcome common energy drains & distractions
•	Cultivate practices to enhance focus, concentration, and attention
•	Develop strategies to reduce stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue
•	Harness the power of mindfulness and its role in energy preservation
•	Learn to practice the ‘action habit’
•	The significance of setting healthy boundaries
•	Practices to restore and recharge depleted energy


Each of the above workshop can of course be turned into a talk if that format suits your organisation/needs better. The content will differ slightly.

the details

Duration: 2,5-3 hours
Prices start at: 1000 € (excl VAT)

A practical workshop with room for individual attention. Each participant will be seen and get to experience movements & practices themselves for maximum impact. Maximum of 15 participants.

Duration: 1-1,5 hours
Prices start at: 500 € (excl VAT)

Provide ‘food for thought’ to inspire & support employees to take better care of themselves with an inspirational talk, or series of talks. 


Let’s discuss what work best for your company. I tailor each workshop/talk in consultation with you, in order to make the content as relevant as possible.

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