Breathwork Part I

Date to be decided

Part I and II of ‘Breathe Yourself to Better Health’ are fully independent of each other, and can be done separately or one after the other depending on your interest and willingness to practice how to ‘breathe yourself to better health’. (check my website for more information)

New date will soon be public
Online on Zoom
25 € / 250 SEK

Serious about wanting to improve your health? Wanting to make your health a priority? Then you’re at the right place…

Join me for this hour of breathwork and gain insights about how you yourself with simple tools can improve your health, starting with one breath at a time.

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”

‘Your body is an intelligent organism; it knows how to heal itself’… however sometimes we stand in our own way of that healing. In theory breathing is the most natural thing there is. It is how we begin our life here on earth and it is how we will finish it as well, with taking a breath.

Even though we don’t have to think about how we breathe in order to actually do it, there are so many benefits to be found by improving the way you do it.

Content Breathwork session part I :

  • Are you an over-breather – and is that so bad?
  • How to do diaphragmatic breathing – and why you want to learn this
  • Nose breathing vs mouth breathing – besides the obvious, what are the differences?
  • How to breathe for better health – it might seriously change your life!


The practices will be suitable to do either seated or lying down either on the floor, your sofa, or perhaps even in your bed. Wear comfy clothes and make sure you are warm enough. 

The Zoom-link will be sent by email (or WhatsApp) to registered participants at about 15.00 on the day of the event (check your spam folder).

About the teacher

Even during my training to become a registered nurse, or working at the hospital tending to the sick, HOW the patients were breathing was never a matter of concern. 

It was not until I had done a few yoga teacher trainings that it finally became a growing area of interest and focus. 

Now in my work with yoga therapy it is something I focus on with every client. 

Because HOW we breathe matters. How we breathe impacts so many areas of our body and mind. 

With a history myself of 35+ years having a sensitive nose prone for nosebleeds, and having been a passive smoker as a kid, mouth breathing has certainly been my main way of breathing until quite recently.

I know how hard it is to change ones breathing habits, but it is definitely worth striving towards improving that habit.

Remember, it only takes one person to change your life; YOU!