Private & Corporate

Private yoga sessions (one-to-one)

Invest in your wellbeing and grow your knowledge about yoga and your own body. Each session will be tailored to your need(s) and the goal for your practice.

   *   to modify, to work with injuries, pain or similar
   *   alignment suitable for your unique body
   *   tools to create (and maintain) optimal posture
   *   how to establish (or deepen) your practice
   *   reduce stress and find ways to create more energy

Prior to beginning these one-to-one sessions we will create your personal plan together. Sessions can take place in the comfort of your home or in a similar setting (maybe in your work space). You provide the location (Rotterdam) and I´ll manage the rest.

Price per session: 60 min €60 (incl VAT)

Email for more information / book a session: 

Corporate Yoga

Is your company looking to offer yoga (and/or meditation) to its employees to improve the over all wellbeing, to reduce stress and the risk for burn outs, to enable more focus and awareness, and therefore maybe even increase productivity?!

Depending on the need for your workspace we work together to find what works for your company, may it be single classes, or 4-, 6- or 8-weeks programs.

Email for more information: