Corporate Yoga

Is your company looking to improve the wellbeing of its people, to reduce stress and the risk for burn outs, to enable more focus and awareness, and therefore maybe even increase productivity?!

I work with companies and their employees, in central Rotterdam, to improve the wellbeing and health of their people. For more information or to start planning:

Options available:

Yoga At The Work Space

I come to the workspace to lead a 30-min session created to suit the need of the people working there. No need for changing into workout clothes.

Benefits of Office Yoga: 

  • Reduce achy-ness and stiffness in the shoulders, lower & upper back and neck by increasing movement in said areas
  • Gain more energy and reduce stress levels by improving quality of breath
  • Create more clarity and focus for increased productivity by reducing mental clutter and sluggishness

Equipment needed: 
A chair each, and a bit of space around each person ‘to move’. It can be the desk chair, or a regular ‘conference’ chair. We can be in the lunch area, a conference room or next to the desks. 

Recommendation for planning sessions: 
Sets of 6-8 classes.
A session each week/every second week, for the best result.

Prices (excludes btw): 
60€ – single session
58€ – per session when booking a set of 5-10 sessions
(will be invoiced & paid before 1st session)
55€ – per session when booking a set of more than 10 classes
(will be invoiced & paid before 1st session)

Tailor a suitable session to meet your company needs

If your company is looking for a ‘wellness boost’ during for instance your yearly kick-off / conference / wellness-days this is the best choice.

Options could be (but not limited to):

  • ‘Chair Yoga’ – a well-deserved break during the day getting some stretching and moving to keep the focus up all day
  • ‘Guided Meditation’ – gain increased focus and mental clarity during a session of guided meditation & breathing focus
  • ‘Reflection’ – yoga is not just a ‘work-out’ but more so a ‘work-in’. Techniques and moments for reflections can be very powerful and transformational
  • ‘Gentle Yoga’ – shoes off, hands down, lets do some yoga

Prices starting from 100€ (excl btw)

Contact me to start planning making this happen for your company