Corporate Sessions

“Improving the health & wellbeing of our employees makes good business sense.”

“The greatest asset of a company is its people.”

A ‘win-win’ all round. Employees benefit from better support for their health. Companies benefit from less absence and improved productivity.

I work with companies to support their employees to create healthier and more sustainable routines and habits related to stress resilience, energy management and a physical body as free from pain as possible.

corporate workshops & Lectures

In a down-to-earth way the participants will gain a better understanding of how the physical body & the mind works – why that matters, and the impacts on daily life. 

Takeaways from workshop/lectures for participants:
– Tools for monitoring and keeping stress down
– Tools for managing energy throughout the day
– Tools for improved wellbeing & less tension/stiffness
– Tools for move simple movement


These four topics represent the most common reasons why clients come to me for yoga therapy sessions. They are all areas of our lives where we often struggle & where we can make small adjustments, and see big improvements to the quality of live.

– the balance between stress & recovery
– for less pain & more energy
– become more productive & efficient
– for more mental clarity & steadier energy

I tailor each workshop/lecture (in consultation with your company) to match it to your people, and their needs, in order to make the content as relevant as possible.

If you want to talk about the possibility of us working together, please send me an email at

Let’s work together to facilitate healthier, happier and less stressed-out employees.


“We hired Camilla for a few months to supply us with 3 video’s each week for office and relax yoga during the COVID-19 lockdown. Working from home all of a sudden was a big shock to our company and asked for a lot of flexibilities from our employees. The video’s and Camilla’s personal approach was a big help and much appreciated by our employees. It not only offered help in battling physical complaints from working in suboptimal conditions, but also offered some mental relief in very stressful times. If you need good support with a smile, don’t look any further!”
Sharon van Herel – Managing Director HDI Global SE, the Netherlands

“Who would think that yoga is possible and effective in an office environment? Camilla makes it work! Humor and yoga go hand-in-hand with her. She literally moves our team, bringing us both peace of mind and new positive energy
Edwin Koot – CEO Solarplaza