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75-min Yin Yoga
+ Myofascial Release

Saturday May 9th, 10.45- 12.00 @Yoganesa, Rotterdam

Myofascial Release (MFR) and Yin Yoga are like a happy marriage! One relaxes the muscles, and the other works on the connective tissue.

MFR is a great way to target specific body parts where tightness, tension and even pain is stored, even in inflexible bodies. These classes will help you find ease in your body to enable you to increase your wellbeing and health.

Investment: 17€
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Myofascial Release Training
for Yoga Teachers

May 9-10th, 13.00- 18.30 @Yogaground, Rotterdam

The fascia, or connective tissue, is like a ‘soft skeleton of the body.’ It holds a lot of information that we tend to overlook as Yoga teachers. When we bring an understanding of the Myofascial system into our classes, we are better able to support and guide our students towards deeper release, more satisfying asana practice, and pain-free mobility.

In this Yogaground Academy continuing education module for Yoga teachers, you will learn:

– The anatomy of fascia and how to maintain healthy connective tissue.
– The anatomy of Trigger Points.
– The theory of Tension and Compression in yoga practice.
– How skeletal variation impacts Yoga practice.
– Myofascial release techniques.
– Trigger Point release techniques.

By the end of this 10-hour training you will have the skills and understanding to incorporate Myofascial Release Techniques into your yoga classes.

This 10-hour training will be given in English. And is open to yoga teachers of all traditions, styles and levels. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of this training.

4-days Yin Yoga Weekend
‘ReTreat, Relax, Recharge’

Not Your Ordinary Monday

September 11- 14th
@The Oerboerderij, Twente, Netherlands

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Yoga Workshop
‘Rest & Digest’

Saturday September 19th, 10.00- 13.00 @Zensitive, Lambertusstraat 53B

The workshop will be filled with lots of inspiration and practical tips. You will get to fully unwind and digest, both mentally and physically, your past year. During these 3 hours you will have two gentle yoga practices with a break in between.

This workshop intends to make you feel completely ‘rested & digested’.
We look forward to support, guide and motivate you
C & C

Camilla about Charlotte:
Charlotte always makes me feel happy to be on my mat. Both by the small comments she drops here and there throughout class, and because she reminds me to practice for myself, to listen to what I need on that specific day. She makes sure to bring in nuggets of valuable knowledge from her Yoga Therapy training, into the class both by the themes she uses and the poses she teaches.

Charlotte about Camilla:
To me Camilla is the queen of yin. Whenever I take one of her classes I feel more centered, rested, relaxed and happy. I love how she combines humor, life lessons and yoga knowledge in her teaching. She started her yoga adventure in 2014 and has taught many classes and workshops in her home country Sweden, the USA and now in our beautiful Rotterdam. With all her kindness, humor and (yin) knowledge I feel happy and humble to be co-teaching this workshop with her. 

Early bird – 45 €
Regular price – 50 €

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‘Explore Your Edge’

??? @Yogaground, Rotterdam

This Yin based Masterclass is all about getting to know your body and understanding exactly how unique (and brilliant) it actually is.

You will explore how your skeletal structure makes some poses easy and enjoyable, while other poses might feel more challenging. Learn when it is safe to attempt deepening a yoga pose, or when you really shouldn’t.

Become your own best teacher by learning to use variations of poses that give your body what it needs and get the most out of your practice.

This Masterclass is suitable for all levels.

Roll, Release & Relax

Sunday October 25th, 17.30- 18.30 @YogaGames Eriksbergshallen, Gothenburg

In this class you will learn some easy self-massage techniques using balls to release tension stored in your muscles. The technique is call myofascial release or MFR and it´s a great tool to loosen up in areas of the body where we usually store tension, soreness and even pain, such as the shoulders, the neck and the back. 

Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga are like a happy marriage! One relaxes the muscles, and the other works on the connective tissue. 

We´ll work through the entire body, from feet to head, applying different techniques of MFR. The workshop is suitable for everyone who feels a bit stiff and that would like to learn how to let go of some of that stiffness & tension.