Work together with me in a more flexible manner. Do yoga ‘on your own terms’ and in a way that fits your life-puzzle with guidance, support and follow-up from me to suit your body and needs.

This is a monthly package running over four weeks. The first week we have a one-on-one session together, focusing on your target areas and needs. In this session we might create a ‘home-practice’ for you to use on your own. The following three weeks you’ll receive weekly a video focusing on what it is you need. We will set up a mid-weekly chat to see how things are going, if there are any adjustments to the programme we need to do.

To get the most out of this package, I recommend 2-3 months (but both shorter or longer commitments are possible, minimum one month).

Week 1:
– One-on-one session*
Week 2-4:
– Video 15-30 min
– Mid-week check-in**

* online / my place
** virtual

Price (VAT/BTW included):
115€ / month