Better Posture – Better You

– for less pain & improved health

Calling all (office) bodies

This mini-course of 3x 60-min sessions is suitable for anyone & everyone with a body that sometimes complains a little bit here or there. 

From a therapeutic perspective you will learn easy ways to work with improving your posture, releasing tension & stiffness in your shoulders and much more.

The three sessions will focus on different areas of your body with clear takeaways and exercises to repeat on your own, which is why there is more than ‘just’ a week in between the sessions.

Optimal posture & the feet
Lower back, diaphragm & hip flexors
Upper back, neck & shoulders


#1 Tuesday 11 October
#2 Thursday 20 October
#3 Tuesday 1 November

20:00-21:00 CET 

Online through Zoom 

Price: 75 € / 750 SEK 
includes; 3x 60-min sessions + access to recordings 30 days afterwards + key points + (optional) practice + possibility for personal support