This therapeutic (yoga) series will offer you insights about your body systems, how they work & what you yourself can do in order to support them to function as good as possible.

Each course consists of 3x 60-minutes sessions. The session normally begins with 10-minutes theory & then a practice specifically tailored for that given topic.

You receive key points from each session, together with a suitable (but optional) practice to do on your own, to make sure you get the most possible out from the course.

Each session will be recorded and made available on my YouTube channel. You will have access to the recordings for 30 days afterwards giving you plenty of time to repeat and practice. 

Online through Zoom 

Price: 75 € / 750 SEK 
includes; 3x 60-min sessions + access to recordings 30 days afterwards + key points + (optional) practice + possibility for personal support 

Minimum 5 participants registered

C o u r s e :

‘Better Posture – Better You’

– for less pain & improved health

Optimal posture & the feet
Lower back, diaphragm & hip flexors
Upper back, neck & shoulders

Dates: 11 October + 20 October + 1 November

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