Ishvara Pranidhana: Surrender

“The moment of surrender is not when life is over. It´s when it begins.” –Marianne Williamson

The practice of surrender invites us to be active participants in our life, totally present and fluid with each moment, while appreciating the magnitude and mystery of what we are participating in.

It is as if we are dancing, and our dance partner is life. Each morning when you wake up you get a new invitation, to participate, to dance. We don´t get to lead, nor do we drag our feet behind. As a dance partner to life, we are asked to be vulnerable and undefended, and yet so present that we can follow the next move, wherever the leading step takes us, adding our own style as we go (sorry, dance, of course).

Life knows what to do better than we do. Our task is simply to let go and receive each moment with an open heart, and then dance skillfully with it.

Most likely we´ve all had our taste of this guideline already. But maybe we´ve not called it ‘surrender’, but more thought of it as being in the flow, or being in the zone. It´s in those moments that time seem to disappear, and you kind of disappear with it. When your actions, your thoughts, and the activity you´re engaged in seem to become one.

We can have these moments of ‘flow’ more often, if we simply (or not so simply maybe) learn to not get into our own way, so to speak. Cause life wants to surprise, to delight and to grow us in ways far far far beyond our imagination. But for that to happen, we need to learn how to let go. Let go of fear of the unknown, release our rigidity and the need for control. To simply engage in life as it comes to us.

If you want to slowly begin to practice ‘surrender’ then the yoga pose called Savasana is an excellent place to begin. Savasana, or corpse pose, is signifying the ‘death’ of the activity we were just engaged in. In yoga classes, this pose is often coming in the end of class. Representing the end of the class. As you come into Savasana, lay down on your back, with your legs and arms slightly away from your body. Close your eyes, and let your breath breathe you. Surrender to the moment, surrender to not having to do anything, simply just exist.

As we are able to let go of what we can´t change, we are able to grow more and more into our unique gift and contribution to life itself. There is something that is ours to do, and whether it is large or small, it is our contribution to the whole of humanity.

As the ego surrenders, the heart expands. As the ego stops working so hard to get its own way, life begins to take on an ease and rhythm. As the ego stops fighting to be number one, life begins to nourish and feed us in amazing ways.