What is Savasana?

What do you mean by Savasana .. a student asked me this after having finished her first class with me. It got me thinking how much I assume that everyone knows this. And how much else I might be assuming and taking for granted. 

I explained to her what Savasana is and why we do that at the end of class. And what you as a student is suppose to be doing in Savasana. 

Sometimes in class I explain it in a bit of a dramatic way. That Savasana, or as we call it in English ‘corpse pose’, is meaning the ‘death of life as we know it’. The end of the practice, the end of life as we knew it up to that point. 

We lay without moving in corpse pose, to let the body soak up the juices of the practice. To give the body and the mind, time to reset, in order to recharge. 

It’s a bit like allowing our reloadable devices to every once in a while run completely out of battery. And then to fully reload it afterwards. To give that boost of new energy. 

When Savasana is finished we roll to the side, knees up towards the chest, eyes still closed. This pose is called ‘fetal position’ and is the pose of rebirth. Life beginning again. 

To make the practice complete we come back to a seated position, place the hands together in front of the heart, in prayer position. With a gentle bow of the head, we finish the class by saying Namaste.