The Strength of Yoga

Which muscles do you need to strengthen, and which muscular activation do you need for various yoga poses? Develop a strong and healthy yoga practice protecting you from injuries. Discover this and more in the Strength of Yoga Basecamp by yours truly.

WHEN: Sunday May 22, at 12.30 - 14.30 
WHERE: Yogaground Lijnbaan, Rotterdam 

Going for a strong yoga class such as Power Yoga or Hot 26 to build on your strength? Knowing how to move your body helps you benefit most from these practices.

This Basecamp is for students who want to become physically stronger, reap all the benefits from their classes and develop a powerful practice. Get more out of your yoga by adding more quality. 

Yoga isn’t just about lengthening, stretching, breathing, and relaxing. Knowing where to find ease and effort in the body is just as important. Prevent yourself from hanging into the pose and learn when to apply strength or tension. Learn to activate the right muscle for the right challenge in a your yoga poses.

This Basecamp is suitable for beginners and more seasoned practitioners.

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