‘Corporate Yoga’


Yoga empowers employees to become healthier, happier and less stressed-out. 

It is easily accessible, and all exercises can be done by pretty much every one. It can be done either in, and around a regular chair, or if desired, on a yoga mat. Sessions are created to suit the needs of the company & its employees. 

The session or workshop consists of practical movements to relax, recharge and to improve posture. 


What suits your company? What does your company need? 

Are you about to organise a day-event and are looking for a nice ’different’ session to keep people going the entire day? Are you looking to increase productivity and health in a more longterm-kind of perspective and look for a reoccurring session? Looking to offer sessions to the employees for them to use at a time that fits them the best? 

As with everything, the more we practice, the better we become, that includes yoga as well. But do remember the saying that ’anything is better than nothing’. 

Benefits of Yoga

  • Gain more energy and reduce stress levels
  • Create more clarity and focus for increased productivity
  • Reduce achy-ness and stiffness
  • Gain a more flexible body & flexible mind

Office / Online / Recorded Videos

What suits your company and the employees the best?

Time recommendation

Chair Yoga – 30 min /session
Guided Meditation – 20-30 min /session
Yoga for Relaxation – 30-60 min/session