Be a Case Study

Since June 2020, I am doing an 800-hour Yoga Therapy training with the Yoga Therapy Institute to become a certified yoga therapist. I hope to finish this training before summer 2022. 

As part of the training I am required* to do so called ’case studies’ with clients having some kind of health issue(s) related to the modules, such as asthma, high blood pressure, burnout, IBS, and the list goes on (more examples further down).

For each of the seven modules connected to the various ‘systems’ in the human body I am required to complete three case studies, meaning all-in-all 21 case studies.

I have only one module left to complete case studies for, and that is the cancer module which I will have done early June 2022.


Maybe you, or someone you know, might be interested to work together with me as a case study…

I offer a complimentary 15-20 min phone call if you are curious to find out more about what it means, and/or if you are wondering if this is something for you.

What is a ‘case study’?

We ’meet’ for 5 sessions** (the required amount of sessions for a ‘case study’). Each session is 75-90 minutes long. The sessions will be either in-person at my studio in Rotterdam or online through Zoom. 

First session : Intake (health- & medical background) 
Second session : Physical & Breath assessment 
Sessions 3-5 : Tailored-to-you

Price for case study sessions as of 2022

50 € per session (75-90 min per session)

*These case studies will be documented and handed in to the mentor supervising my training.

**If you wish to continue with more sessions after the ’case study’ has been completed that is of course possible – however it will be outside the ‘case study concept’, and different rate will most likely apply.

Currently accepting case studies for:


Will complete this module in early June 2022 after which I will begin working with case studies related to this module