My Big Five

# 1 – Alignment for your SAFETY

It´s a fine line with being rigid in terms of alignment, and being aware and knowledgeable. My main priority in the classes I teach is YOUR SAFETY. I will with verbal cues try to make you aware of your different body parts, and what is a safe way to “place them” when practicing yoga. I will focus on you FEELING the pose, the sensation of the pose (including the tightness you might experience), in your body, rather than how you might be LOOKING in the pose.

# 2 – Allow yourself to LIGHTEN UP (it´s just yoga)

Way way way to often do we take ourselves way to serious, and what for?! Learn to relax. Learn to laugh are your short-comings, in yoga, and maybe also in your everyday life. Life is too short to not enjoy it. So know that in my classes it´s allowed, even encouraged to smile, giggle and even laugh out loud if that feels good for you.

# 3 – Appreciate your FANTASTIC BODY

Bodies comes in all shapes, colors, and whether you like it or not, but you´ve been given the body you´ve got, so learn to LOVE IT. Learn to take good care of it, treat it well, use it often and a lot. I can almost guarantee you that you will NEVER own anything as cool every again.

# 4 – Use PROPS

Props (blocks, blankets, straps, yoga mats, walls and much more) are your FRIEND, not to be avoided at all cost. This is my main philosophy. It is how I´ve been taught to teach yoga. And this is how I continue to teach. I want you to learn how to use props as a tool, rather than seeing it as a crutch. Using props will help you access poses you didn´t think possible, in a safe manner.

# 5 – Remember to BREATHE

In our day to day life we (thankfully) don´t have to think about breathing. It´s goes AUTOMATICALLY (another reason the body is so truly amazing and fascinating). However a really important part of yoga, is to BREATHE WITH AWARENESS, meaning to pay attention to your breath. To breathe and think about you breathing. Almost all the time (a few breathing exercises are different) you are encourage to breathe in & out through your NOSE, and to have your belly moving out as you fill your lungs (and belly) with air. And to gently pull the navel back in, as you exhale.