Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.

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  • More relaxed and easygoing
  • Less angry
  • Less stressed
  • Knee pain reduced almost to zero
  • More flexible and agile
  • Less tolerant for bullshit
  • More laughter
  • Changed the way I look on life (big & small)
  • More inner calm
  • Better at enjoying and appreciating the ‘little things’
  • Caring less about what other people might think
  • More patient (with both myself and others)


Not typical, normal or perfect (whatever that is). Instead, doing my best to be real and true, especially towards myself. 

As a kid, dreams of becoming a fire-fighter. As an adult, ended up working for IBM in Scotland. Internet-banking followed, back home in Sweden. Next, registered nurse working in a hospital. Then, recruitment of ‘rental doctors’ for Adecco. Just to mention a few.

I was 35 before I found an occupation that felt truly interesting – yoga teacher. For the first time I could make use of my nursing background; work to optimize the healthy, rather than tending to the sick. 

The human body is amazing. My goal, very simply, is to encourage us all to use it more, and to treat it better. If we are sensitive to our body’s needs, it will serve us in the best possible way, with fewer complaints or troubles. I am passionate about teaching people how to take care of themselves through the practice of yoga. 

My focus when teaching is the fascinating aspects of our bodies and all they can do, rather than pushing and fighting against whatever they “can’t” do. Yoga is not merely a work-out, but more of a work-in. The mental body needs exercise too. After all, yoga is not only about having a flexible body; it is also about cultivating a flexible mind.