Once you have registered and paid for the session you will receive an email to confirm your payment and tell you that you are booked. Allow a few days after payment for this email * to be sent.

On the day of the ‘event’ you will receive a new email * with a link to join the ‘online event’. This email will be sent at the very latest 2-hours prior to start.

* Make sure to also check your spam folder.


I use the platform ‘Zoom’ to teach online. For most people (& devices) it is really easy to join. As mentioned above, you will receive a link (in an email on the day of the event) which you click on. You will be directed to a new page, which you need to ‘allow’ to start. Then you will be asked to join with or without video. Please join ‘with video’ (see below why).

You will ‘arrive’ in a ‘waiting room’ from which I will let you in a few minutes before the class is about to start. Make sure to be online (and in the waiting room) in time. Once I have started I will not continue to let people in. 

You will automatically be muted once you join the online class. This is to reduce disturbance from various background noise. If you want to say/ask something before class please unmute yourself (down in the bottom left corner) or write in the chat.

Please note that I will not check the chat during class.

If you want to chat/ask anything after class feel free to stay online. Remember to unmute yourself before you start talking.


A smartphone, iPad, computer or similar to join the ‘zoom conference’.

It is nicer if you join with your video on so that I actually get to see you all who join the class. It is much nicer for me to have faces rather than black screens staring back at me.

Set your screen so that I can see you while you practice. This way I can ‘keep an eye’ on you and suggest adjustments/modifications to make sure you practice in a safe manner.

Preferably place yourself in a quiet room where you feel you can relax. 

No fancy yoga props needed. You will manage very well with a rolled-up shower towel/firm blanket and a pillow or two. If you have yoga blocks (bricks) they will come handy. Yoga mat is a plus, but any kind of carpeted surface will do just fine. If you have an eye-pillow have it ready for the finishing pose.

Make sure to be warm enough. When the body is still in the positions, the body temperature often drops. It is pretty much impossible to relax when being cold. So feel free to wear socks, a long-sleeve and so on. Have a blanket nearby for the last pose.