YIN YOGA XL – March Edition

“The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.”


Sunday March 21st

10.30- 12.30 CET (Central European Time)

ONLINE via Zoom – from my home to yours

Investment 20 € (200 SEK)

About Workshop

Balance is a typical theme & topic used in many yoga classes. The connection to the fancy yoga poses where we work on creating the physical balance can directly be translated into our daily life.

This will not be that kind of session as we in yin yoga have few poses physically challenging our balance. In yin the challenge to find balance is more often the balance between ‘ease and effort’. When are we doing too much, when is it not ‘enough’? What does it mean to practice with balance?

“There is no such thing as work-life-balance – it is all life. The balance has to be within you.”

This workshop will also focus on how you can improve balance in your daily life. You will get inspiration and practical tips on what you can begin doing right now to live a life in balance.