Saucha: Purity

With this we have now left the five yamas, and take the plunge into the five niyamas. As a reminder or summary if you so will, one can say that the yamas are “restraints”, or ethical practices, while the niyamas are “observances” or daily practices.

Saucha invites us to purify our bodies, our thoughts,
and our words.

Through the purification, both the physical and the mental, we become less heavy, and less burdened. As we purify ourselves from toxins, distractions, illusions, and clutter, we are more able to become pure in our relationship with each moment.

How to become pure? How do we purify ourselves? The short answer is that the steps to cleanse and purify ourselves will look different to each and every one of us. There are numerous ways to “purify the body”. It doesn’t have to be particularly complicated or weird.

Whatever form the purification takes, it always begins with an intention to “lighten the load” that we are carrying.

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