Brahmacharya: Nonexcess

To understand the concept of “nonexcess” perhaps it can make sense to look at the opposite first, when we are in excess, when we are “over-doing” it, whatever it might be. There are a number of different things that we can overdo, some of us are perhaps overdoing one thing, some of us are overdoing more than just one. We can be overdoing food (top ranking of foods that we often overdo are sugar, salt and/or caffeine, strangely enough, not that many people seem to be overdoing lettuce), exercise, entertainment, sleep, sex, material possessions, alcohol and on and on.

In yogic thought, there is a moment in time when we reach the perfect limit of what we are engaged in. It is this moment of “just enough” that we need to recognize.

If we take food as an example, we gain energy and nutrition from the food that we eat, up to a certain point. When we pass this point, and continue eating, the food is not bringing any more energy, instead we begin to feel tired, drained. The nutrition from the food becomes excessive, and either we simply get rid of it through bowel-movement, or it is being stored as “energy-reserve” (meaning fat) in our body.

So why do we move past the place of enough? Why is it so hard for us to grasp the concept of “enough”?

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