Asteya: Nonstealing

Stuff does not get any easier. This is a challenging one for sure, and I think that we are stealing much more often than we might think we are, and no, I´m not accusing you of stealing things from friends´ houses, or shoplifting. For instance I am referring to all those times we steal the “spotlight” from our friends, or the people we randomly are having conversations with. When we “take over”, and the conversation all of a sudden is about us, instead of the person who was talking. Or perhaps we steal from others by simply not paying attention to them, when we might feel that looking down into our phone is more important than the person in front of us.

In all the instances where we steal, we have made the situation about us, not about the other. Whatever words have or haven´t come out of our mouth, the intent has been to serve ourselves, not the other.

I personally love the invitation to “be a forklift”, to work on always be lifting people up. To more often ask ourselves does the other person feel uplifted and lighter because they have been spending time with us? Have we brightened their day, by taking a moment from focusing on ourselves, to instead focus on them?

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