Morning Routine

1-2 minutes– do the amazing “fascia dance” (few things beat this one, honestly – if you only have time for one thing, this is what I would recommend)
How to: stand with feet hip-width apart, soft bend in your knees. Relax body (and jaw). Come up on your toes, and allow the heels to “bounce” into the floor, repeatedly, causing the body, and the flesh of the body, to “bounce” as well. Allow it to move uncoordinated, shaking off the tension held in the body (and mind). Feel free to close your eyes.

1 minute– “back and forth”; spinal flex (either seated or on your knees). Stand on all fours, knees under hips (space between the knees), and hands under shoulders, shoulder-width apart. Inhale, arch the back, buttocks pressing back, gaze and chin lift. On the exhale, round the back, press arms and hands down, pressing the area between the shoulder blades up to the ceiling, gaze towards belly-button. Repeat, following the rhythm of the breath.

1 minute– “side-bending”, standing on all fours, spine neutral to the floor. Inhale, and on the exhale, curve the back by turning the head to look to the right hip. Maybe try to “pull” the right hip “forward”. Inhale return to center/neutral. On the next exhale, repeat on the left side, and then return to center on an inhale. Repeat. Breathe with intention.

1 minute– “twist”, sit on the floor, on a block or similar, or perhaps up on a chair. Inhale arms up, over head, exhale gently turn the upper body (hips and butt is still) towards the right thigh. Place the left hand on the right thigh, and the right hand behind, on the floor (or seat of the chair). Inhale back to center, arms up over head, on the exhale, twist to the left. Right hand places on the left thigh, and left hand behind the back. Repeat.