Forward Fold

TUTORIAL to safe FORWARD FOLD: “Hinge at your hips, keep your back straight and stick your butt out”. The last couple of weeks this has been like a mantra in my classes, but why you might wonder. 

You see, the hip joint is CONSTRUCTED to fold, “to hinge”, repeatedly back and forth. That’s the FUNCTION of that joint. Therefore this is the safe and recommended way to fold. Putting LESS STRAIN on our precious spine. 

The spine can round/fold forward too, but it’s coming from that column of vertebrae (the discs). We need to fold/bend this way too, in order to keep the SPINE HEALTHY (“use it or lose it”). But doing it repeatedly (and often mindlessly) through your vinyasa/flow-class can CAUSE ISSUES with your back (disc impingement, bulging disc, herniated disc etc), leading to long-term PAIN. 

Be safe in your forward fold, use the CORRECT “MECHANISM” in the body. The joint that is created for hinging back & forth, YOUR HIPS.