Let It Go: 30 day-challenge

I´m not sure how you feel, but personally I hate cleaning. I want to spend as little time as possible cleaning. I want to spend as little time as possible putting things back into their place. And at the same time I want my home to look neat, and tidy, and fairly clean.

I think one of the solutions is simply to “own less”. To have less stuff to take care of, have less things to actually use, to simplify in order to have more free time to do things I actually enjoy doing.

I invite you to join me on a 30-day challenge of giving up stuff that is no longer of service to you. Stuff that is taking up unnecessary space in your cupboards, on your computer, in your wardrobe, and even in your mind. Beginning this Friday, September 21st, the challenge is on.

For the next 30 days, beginning this Friday, and ending Saturday October 20th, your challenge is to find one thing, per day, resulting in 30 things (does not have to be physical things, but more on that in a bit). You do not have to limit yourself to only 30 things, if you find more stuff to let go of, please be my guest and continue.

It doesn’t have to be physical, actual stuff, even though this is often the easier category to begin with. One place that for most people is particularly easy to begin with is the kitchen drawers, filled with all possible kitchen utensils and other stuff. I mean common, how many pair of scissors do you actually need? Or can-openers? Or wooden/plastic-spoons for cooking?

But it can also be virtual stuff, like cleaning your phone from apps you don´t use/like. Or cancelling your subscription to newsletters that keep on filling your email inbox and that you NEVER read. It can be to unfollow Instagram accounts that you don´t find inspirational or helpful (including mine) anymore. Or unfollow, or even unfriend people on Facebook. Why oh why do we seem to “collect” friends on Facebook?! If I can´t be bothered to send my Facebook “friends” a congratulation on their birthday, maybe I don´t need to be friends with them?!

Word of advice, put off going through sentimental stuff till later, until you´ve gained some “momentum” and found your “flow” of letting things go, chances are otherwise that you will find it really hard to let anything go.

Another word of advice to not cause family disputes, lead by example! Work through your own stuff first, before attempting to go through your partners stuff and decide what to keep and what to get rid off. You will have enough to do for this challenge with your own stuff, trust me.

The stuff that you decide to get rid off, the physical stuff, don´t just throw it, sell or donate it. There are all kinds of second-hand-places that will gladly take your stuff. Or maybe you know of a friend that might be interested in a book you decide to not keep, a handbag you no longer use etc.

If it´s big and expensive stuff you´re getting rid of, try selling it online (here in the Netherlands the website of www.marktplaats.nl is a good place to start, but maybe there are other places as well)

You don´t have to use social media at all for this challenge, but it would be fun if you decided to. If you indeed decide to, consider using the hashtag #by_aparigraha (by = bonnicelyoga and aparigraha = the fifth yama in the yogic philosophy, check my blog post on the same topic a few days ago)


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